Mobile App - QR Coupons Feature

What better way to create loyalty and a reason to keep coming back for your customers, but to offer loyalty discounts. Your mobile app allows you to create and market your latest coupons and specials with the use of QR codes. A QR code will allow customers to scan with their smartphone while at your place of business and unlock great savings they can earn, just by being repeat customers. This is a service that others companies provide a monthly charge for, with your mobile app, this is included for you to use as often as you feel necessary to keep customers coming back. Your customer will appreciate the ease of earning the coupons without having to clip from flyers or ever worry about finding those tiny papers. This feature is right on their smartphone and will ensure they are always getting the savings. Your mobile app will not only create a buzz that will drive more business, but keep your customers exciting about the services you offer.
QR Coupons Feature